(If you'd like to read more about this app's features, usages, try the contest's app page here)

How did this application come about?

It started as a simple project to see what could be done for the Apps4Edmonton competition. There's a whole story behind this, but ultimately I wanted to build a quality application that would be useful to people and would tackle the trickier categories of land use, municipal planning, and economic development.

Blog posts

- Sample Campaign Using #OpenData & StatsYEG.com

- The Suburbanization of Edmonton

- Where Edmonton’s Families Live

Who built this?

My name's Eugene (@ideaowl, eugene@ideaowl.com, ideaowl.com). I'm a techie entrepreneur who loves photography. Among other things, I've also lived in Australia and fired Cold-War era rifles.

What's the purpose of this tool?

I've put up something more lengthy on the contest site, so feel free to read up there. Ultimately, StatisticsEdmonton.com is a way to give people the tools to share and use information that was previously too stale, uninteresting, or difficult to extract use out of.

Instead of Data -> Researchers, I think of Data -> Visualizations -> Useful Information + Easily Shared for many people. It's something that would be interesting and insightful to many people, even more so for planners, campaigners, business marketers/strategists, the blogger, or just the everyday person.